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Maintain a good skincare routine during lockdown

Maintaining a basic routine during isolation is hard. Whether you're still working, home-schooling the children or catching up on why everyone keeps talking about a Tiger King on Netflix, it's difficult to maintain a sense of normality. However it doesn't mean your skincare routine should suffer.

We've put together 5 steps in under 5 minutes to help keep you in a healthy skincare routine for optimal results during lockdown.

Step 1: Cleanse 

Both morning and night! A light lather in the morning is enough to nourish throughout the day, while a nightly routine restores and prepares your skin for tomorrow. The Adaptive Cleanser is suitable for any skin types, including acne and dry skin.

This can also be used as a quick at home peel! Leave on the skin for 1-2 minutes then rinse.

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Step : Brighten 

Being indoors most of the time can lead to dull, dry skin. Give your skin a healthy glow whilst illuminating dull, dry skin. Depending on how much your skin needs a pick-me up, use in the morning and at night.

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Step 3: Eyes
We've recently all had less exposure to natural light and this impacts our body clocks. This can lead to us not getting enough sleep and feeling fatigue during the day resulting in dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Banish this with an adaptive eye serum once or twice a day.

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Step 4: Moisturise

Being at home means you are probably drinking less water, more caffeine and indulging in a few extra alcoholic beverages than usual. Combined with the effects of central heating your skin will be crying out for extra hydration. Give it what it needs with smart moisturiser and corrector product, which delivers intense hydration lasting up to 24 hours.

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Step 5: SPF

An absolute must, even when you are indoors. 50% of UVA rays, the main cause of premature skin ageing, can penetrate glass. So even sitting by your window at home you can be exposed to damaging rays. Our clever skincare products contain not just protection from UVA & UVB but other exposure you may not have thought of including infra red and blue light.

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