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R-Spinasome® - The Ultimate Day Cream


R-Spinasome® - The Ultimate Day Cream

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R-Spinasome®, a proprietary patented extract of chlorophyllic cells derived from Certified Organic spinach leaves.

This deliciously smooth daily moisturizer is clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity, help enhance the appearance of skin brightness and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting skin firmness.

Unveil your ultimate level of skin health and glow!

A deliciously smooth daily moisturizer formulated with:
R-Spinasome Complex: Wrinkle, hydration, firmness, elasticity, anti- inflammatory
Paracress Extract: Collagen builder
Laminaria Saccharina extract: Hydration, skin repair, regeneration
Smithsonite and Rhodochrosite extracts: UVA and UVB protection
Avocado Butter: Nourishing
Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Skin balancing

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