Time to switch up your skin care?

The colder months bring an entire new set of challenges to our skin so it's worth switching up your skin care routine.

Falling temperatures, indoor heating and lower air humidity can affect our skin, challenging the barrier function and making skin feel drier, tighter and more sensitive. Normally, the skin has a firm barrier of dead skin cells held together with essential fats and ceramides, this barrier prevents water loss through the surface and keeps a strong physical barrier against the environment. As we head into the winter months though, this physical barrier can become depleted opening up micro-channels that allow the evaporation of essential moisture causing dehydration. It also means that skincare products penetrate deeper and faster than intended leading to tingling and stinging (hence why we feel more sensitive).

By the time you start to experience these symptoms the skin barrier will already be impaired so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and start protecting the skin from the onset so it can withstand the colder climates.

It’s not all doom and dark nights though as you’ll be pleased to know that this is also the best time of year to get into brightening and exfoliating treatments, as lower UV levels mean skin is less vulnerable to damage when you go outside. However, the answer is YES, you do still need to wear a daily SPF!

Surprisingly, exfoliation is key; there is little point moisturising a build-up of dead, damaged cells so gentle removal of this upper layer will allow your hydrating products to work deeper down and be more effective. Choose a gentle exfoliator such as Vitage® CO2 Micro Peel that can be customised to your skin and begin with weekly treatments at home. Follow this with the Vitage Hydrating Mask to instantly replenish the barrier function; you can sleep in this treatment mask if you are feeling a little more dehydrated than normal.

A multi-functional moisturiser such as Vitage® Age Defence Power Skin Repair contains vitamin c, Brazilian Green Tea and Rosehip Oil and helps to defend daily against extremes of temperature and free radicals.

Finally, as previously mentioned, don’t forget your sun protection in the winter and if you suffer with pigmentation then protecting your skin is crucial as well as to prevent ageing. Vitage® Skin Defence SPF 30 is an award winning environmental protector and can be used alone daily for skins that prefer a matt effect.